Data Management

As they say, truth is in the numbers, and in this case, the data as well. When you work in Data Management, you’ll be at the heart of transforming raw data into meaning full insights that will impact the decisions of your entire company. You’ll develop a strong background in database management, as well as the latest applications used for wrangling data, performing analysis, and visualization. To really excel in this field, you’ll be well served by strong skills in, critical thinking and logic, communication, statistics, humanities, applied algebra, and more. Gain the knowledge and skills required to begin your new career in this vital field and enroll today.

The Field of Computers & Technology

While some employers will provide employees with on the job training related to computers and technology, you can expect this field to be congested with job seekers. Therefore, obtaining some level of formal training in this field of study is sure to benefit you as you begin searching for a job. As with most professions, individuals who have completed an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree will be preferred over individuals who only have some training from a vocational institute. Should you decide to pursue an associate’s degree that focuses on computer technology, you can expect to take classes that study areas such as database software, business applications, computer programming, computer science, computer networking, and information systems.

A bachelor’s degree program, which is likely to include an internship, will be designed to prepare you for positions in computer engineering, information technology, mathematics, or computer science. In addition to your technology-related coursework, it will also be wise for you to complete classes related to communication and business. This will ensure that you are able to manage the business end of this industry and that you can effectively communicate with your clients. Keep in mind, in addition to completing your chosen degree program you may also want to complete a certification program. This will allow you to focus your studies on your chosen area of concentration. In addition, this will speak well to potential employers. By furthering your education and obtaining a graduate level degree you will be prepared for upper level, supervisory positions in this marketplace.

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